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Success of an enterprise is recognized by not only its business result but also its contribution to the community and society. By  considering  Education  investment  as  country  future investment, during the previous time, beside Real Estate and Financial Fields, Hoang Quan Coporation has been boosting its operation in Education.

With silent but persevering activities, Hoang Quan Group has become  a  professional  investor  in  Education  field  thanks  to its slogan of considering the comprehensive development of human personality and intellect as the core value.

Up to  now, Long  An  University  of  Economics  and  Industry, Phan  Thiet  University,  nstitute  for  Development  of  Talents and Human Resources, Tay Nam A College of Economics and Technology, Mui Ne Tourism Vocational School… which were invested by Hoang Quan Group has come into operation and supplied thousands of young talented and skillful employees to the society.

In  Can Tho,  the  construction  of  University  in  Mekong  Delta has  been  roofed  and  shall  come  into  operation  soon  with the scale of up to 5 hectares and the minimum training capacity of 13 thousands students per year. The university is oriented to operate under the modern and advanced model cooperating with famous universities and training institutes in the world. So far, Hoang Quan Corporation has collaborated with prestigious universities in America, Canada, Taiwan … on the training of highly qualified teachers and the international standard curriculum with the aiming of supplying professional human resources meeting the expectation of Vietnamese and foreign enterprises.

Besides, the real estate projects invested by Hoang Quan Group are  always  developed  kindergarten  system  in  order  to  meet the  education  demand  of  the  residents  as  well  as  contribute to the project utility completion, maximizing the living value of the  projects. In  the  past year,  the  Corporation  has  inaugurated two  kindergartens  in  Binh Minh Urban - Port - Industrial  Park (Vinh Long) and HQC Plaza (Ho Chi Minh City). According to the handover schedule, in 2017 Hoang Quan is expected to continue to open more schools in HQC Hoc Mon (Ho Chi Minh City), HQC Nha  Trang...  to  ensure  a  full  range  of  living  utilities  for  all  the residents from the families to young people.

Beside  the  investment  and  education  activities,  Hoang  Quan Group  is  currently operation  Hoang  Quan  Study  Promotion Fund, which aims to encourage and accompany with the study progress of the students. Being founded from 2000, through the past 6 years of operation, the Fund has contributed more than 6 billion VND of scholarships to the Study Promotion Association, Scholarship Fund of many localities, organizations and units such 
as “Tiep suc den truong” (Ho Chi Minh Youth Union Newspaprt), Hong Bang International Scholarship Foundation...


Location: No. 254, Le Trong Tan Street, Tay Thanh Ward, Ho Chi Minh City
Facilities: Tay Nam A College of  Economics  and  Technology has total using area of 7,940 m2 with 47 classrooms, in which there are 11 practical rooms, 4 computing rooms and lots of modern equipment for training process. 
Training scale:Tay Nam A College of Economics and Technology trains 11 fields with 20 majors. It has maximum training capacity of more than 4 thousands students. Besides, the College also train short-term training courses from 1 – 3 months to improve the professional knowledge with high application for the students. 


Investor: Hoang Quan Consulting-Trading-Service Real Estate Corporation
Location: Thuong Thanh Ward, Cai Rang District, Can Tho City
Total invested capital: 822 billion VND 
Project Scale:The University of Mekong Delta is divided into 2 areas: 02 Training Areas with total floor area of 23,926.6 m2, 01 scientific researching area with total floor area of 7,966.1 m2 and 01 library-dormitory- service area with total floor area of 9,994.8 m2.
The University of Mekong Delta trains 15 fields and 20 majors with the maximum training scale of 10 thousands students. In which, in the first period, 10 fields/majors with the scale of 3 thousands students are expected to be trained in 2017.
Total land area:5 ha
Estimated completion time: 2019


Location: No. 254 Le Trong Tan Street, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City
Facilities: Institute  for  Development  of  Talents  and  Human Resources locates at No. 254 Le Trong Tan Street, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City. It is currently preparing for opening a training area at HQC Plaza Apartment, CC1 Lot, Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, Saigon South New Urban Area, Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh City.
Training  Scale: Beside  its  main  function  of  human  resource training and talent development, ITH also has some other functions and tasks as follows:

  • Organizing studying the researches, applying and implementing the achievements and results of the new science and technology studies domestically and locally.
  • Organizing activities of human resource training and talent development.
  • Consultancy,  service,  propaganda  and  dissemination  of scientific knowledge in the fields of human resource training and talent development.
  • Cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations to carry out the programs of human resource research and training.
  • Cooperate with production and business units in supplying, training and developing the human resources.
  • Organize the activities of service, psychosocial counseling, training, technology transferring, seminars, dissemination of scientific knowledge... in the field of human resources and talent development.
  • Study,  seek,  develop  and  honor  talented  people  as  well  as introduce them to the Party and the State, social organizations, economists, etc., for appropriate employing plan.


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