Thursday 02-12-2021
HQC 6650 170 (2.62%)
Open Price 6400
Highest 6690
Trading volume 17,694,500
Total value 115,306,000,000
Buy redundancy 278,900


With the prestigious lawyers, Hoang Quan Law Office is ready to provide consultancy services to the customers in completing legal procedures on real estates and other legal procedures:

 Internal legal supports and legal services on land and house:

       - Consulting and providing legal supports to all real estate investment and trading activities.

       - Implementing the legal services to other companies out of Hoang Quan Group

             + Consulting and providing legal services for real estate sector     

             + Consulting and providing legal services for bank capital borrowing.

             + Other types relating to real estate.

  Leal consulting and corporation support:

      - Establishing companies, defining the principles for professional organization, management and direction

      - Providing legal consultancy on finance, banking, tax, insurance, import-export, labor, recruitment and the other relevant legal sectors
      - Implementing the researches and evaluations on the legal issues such as supporting to solve the legal issues raised during the operation of the company.

 Projects - cooperation:

      - Supporting in evaluating and completing the investment ideas, searching partners

      - Preparing the Feasibility Studies, searching for financial sources for the project.

      - Consulting and supporting in enterprise equitization, restructure, merging, M&A of the companies, capital transfer …

Dispute procedures:

       - Representing for the customers to solve the civil, criminal, economic, commercial disputes.

Scale and market shares:

      - North Region: 10%

      - Central Region: 5%

      - South Region: 60%

      - West Region: 25%

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