About Hoang Quan Group

About Hoang Quan Group

On the growth of 20 years of extensive operational experience, Hoang Quan Group - one of the leading Real estate, Education -  Financial  groups  in  Vietnam  has  increasingly  affirmed  its brand name and sustainable growth, ready to integrate into the world economy.

Hoang Quan is proud to be the first company in real estate sector  to  implement  and  apply  ISO 9001:2008. Through profile appraisal and capability review, Hoang Quan has been officially recognized by the Ministry of Construction as managing civil works and technical infrastructure project capability as Group A in Vietnam

Hoang Quan Group is the pioneer in the field of investment and  development  of  social  housing,  housing  for  workers in Ho Chi Minh City and other southern provinces, contributing to accompany with the Government in social housing policy implementation and National Housing Strategy. Till now, Hoang Quan has invested and deployed a chain of 22 social housing projects, housing for workers with total investment of over VND 20,000 billion, supplying to the market more than 34,000 apartments

Besides, Hoang Quan Group has also stepped up its investment in  other  commercial  real  estate segments,  generating  stable revenue such as Thuong Thanh Housing in Commercial District (Can  Tho),  Mekong  City  Urban  Area,  Officetel  Golden  King Building (Ho Chi Minh City), Ham Kiem I Industrial Zone (Binh Thuan), Urban - Port - Industry Binh Minh (Vinh Long)…

In parallel with real estate investment and trading, Hoang Quan  Group  also  expanded  its  investment  in  education and  finance  through  the  construction  of  the  Mekong  Delta University,  putting  Tay  Nam  A  College  of  Economics  and Technology into operation; and promoted M&A  opportunities,  international cooperation  to  enhance competitive  advantages,  growing  stronger  in  Vietnam  and reaching out to the world

With a network of more than 25 member companies, closed affiliate  operation,  forming  a  linkage  chain  from  investment, legal,  design,  construction,  pricing  to  marketing,  distribution and management, Hoang Quan always strives every day to improve  the  product  value,  better  service  quality,  and  bring 
the  highest  benefits  to  customers,  shareholders,  investors, community and society.

Organizational chart
Hoang Quan Group is the pioneer in the field of investment and development of social  housing, housing  for workers in Ho Chi Minh City and other southern provinces, contributing to accompany with the Government in social housing policy implementation and National Housing Strategy.
Vision - Mission

Vision - Mission

Becoming a leading Vietnamese company operated in multi-sector, multi-field, where Real Estate, Education, Finance are considered as key sectors to generate strengths for sustainable development and enter international market.
Constantly innovating, striving to create high quality products and services at reasonable cost. Pioneering in every products and services, bringing about differentiated values to customers and shareholders

Core Values

Estimation & Development

Estimation & Development

22/08/2000: Hoang Quan Consulting – Trading – Service Real Estate Company Limited was established
Operation expanded: Hoang Quan Appraisal Company Limited was established, Hoang Quan Binh Thuan Consulting - Trading - Service Real Estate orporation was established, Hoang Quan MeKong Consulting - Trading - Service Real Estate Corporation was established
Steady Development

Charter capital was increased to VND 400 billion
(Increasing 20 times higher than the period 2000-2005)

• Company was converted from a limited liability company to a joint stock company in the name of Hoang Quan Consulting - Trading - Service Real Estate Corporation

• Operation expanded: Establishment of Viet Kien Truc JSC, Nam Quan Investment JSC, Hoa Chen Long Duc Ltd, Hoang Quan Can Tho Investment Real Estate Company, Hoang Quan Law Company Limited, Hoang Quan Education Investment Ltd

• Hoang Quan Study Encouragement Fund was established

Joining the HoSE stock exchange
Joining the HoSE stock exchange, officially listing HQC stock
Charter capital was increased to VND 3,950 billion
(Nearly 10 times higher than period 2006-2010)

• A pioneer in investment and development of social housing in the South
• Operation expanded: Hoang Quan Nha Trang Consulting – Trading – Service Real Estate Co., Ltd. Was established
• Promoting investment in Education - Finance, increasing domestic and foreign investors’ meeting, signing comprehensive cooperation strategy with big International brands
• The Ministry of Construction recognized the company management capacity as Group A and Company received many awards, certificates of merit, titles from the Ministries, Departments,associations and organizations
Maturity, Success
Hoang Quan Group was officially established with more than 25 member companies, affiliates, branches and transaction centers throughout the southern provinces.

Maintaining a pioneering position in the development of social housing. By 2020, striving to complete 50,000 social houses, workers’ houses. Promoting investment and operation in the fields of commercial real estate, industry, tourism, etc, create stable revenue for the Group. Expand the market to regional and international countries.

Charter capital: VND 4.766 billion
Redirected investment, promoting to commercial, industrial, tourism real estate, high-tech 
agricultural real estate, new real estate models in accordance with customer trends and 
tastes. At the same time continued to maintain a pioneering position in social housing 
Restructured investment, divested capital / contributed capital reasonably. Improved the 
quality of the corporate governance system focused on quality. 
Enhanced cooperation in investment, development and effective exploitation of projects 
associated with core values of"Efficiency - Cooperation - Innovation - Discipline".

- Capital reached 1,000,000,000 USD (25,000 billion VND).

- Revenue 1,000,000,000 USD (25,000 billion VND).

- Investment projects: 100 projects (Real Estate and other fields).

- Handover social and commercial apartments: 50,000 apartments / house.

- Number of employees: 10,000 employees.

- Owns 01 university in Vietnam.

- Owns 01 university in the US.

- Owning a capital investment fund of 200,000,000 USD.

- Investing in 03 countries.

- Expanding investment in the fields: Agriculture - Health - Hotels - Resort - Trade - Services - Import and Export on the basis of Real Estate - Education - Finance.

- Capital reached 10,000,000,000 USD (250,000 billion VND)

- Revenue 10,000,000,000 USD (250,000 billion VND)

- Investment projects: 500 projects (Real Estate and other fields).

- .Handover social and commercial apartments: 200,000 apartments / house.

- Number of employees: 50,000 employees.

- Owns 05 universities in Vietnam

- Owning 05 International Universities.

- Owning a private bank with capital of 1,000,000,000 USD (25,000 billion VND).

- Owning 5 capital investment funds 1,000,000,000 USD (25,000 billion VND).

- Expanding more fields: Industry - Artificial Intelligence - Transportation.

In which still maintain and develop:

• Real Estate - Education – Finance

• Agriculture - Health - Hotel – Resort

• Trade - Services - Import and Export

Functional operation

Functional operation

With the development of a multi-disciplinary group, in 2016, major investments and projects were mainly implemented in Real Estate, Education and Finance .
Real Estate Invesment

Hoang Quan Group is the pioneer in the field of investment and  development  of  social  housing,  housing  for  workers in Ho Chi Minh City and other southern provinces...

Education Invesment Activities

By  considering  Education  investment  as  country  future investment, during the previous time, beside Real Estate and Financial Fields, Hoang Quan oporation has been boosting its operation in Education

Social Contributions

Social Contributions

Using the humanitarian value as a guide for all activities, Hoang Quan Group is always ready to share with the community, accompanying with society, harmoniously combine business goals and social welfare programs such as study encouragement, charity, pro-poor fund, paying gratitude, environmental protection...

Accompanying with society

Founded in 2010, over the past six years, Hoang Quan Study Encouragement Fund has worked with the society to nurture young generations in the southern provinces. With the caring heart, thousands of scholarships from the fund has been given directly to pupils, students with difficult situations by Hoang Quan and prestigious institutions and organizations, helping to reduce financial worries so that they can study peacefully, pursuing their dreams for a bright future.

Statistics show that in 2016, the Hoang Quan Study Encouragement Fund awarded more than 1.1 billion VND in scholarships programs for poor studious students and Catholic businessmen's children. After more than 6 year operating, Hoang Quan Study Encouragement Fund has donated more than 7 billion VND to support, encourage and gear for generations of students to step up, to fly higher on the learning road.

Fulfilling the community mission

With the orientation of sustainable development and a sense of responsibility for the community, Hoang Quan Group wishes the human values will be promoting in every staff in the system. A good citizen not only fulfills his duties and responsibilities in the company or his family but also contributes actively to the community and builds a prosperous society.

With that spirit, the entire Board of Managers, Board of Directors and staffs of Hoang Quan Group voluntarily contributed two days salary to support the Central region people in the 2016 historic flood. Solidarity is sharing; volunteer activities become more profound and beautiful.

Environmental commitments:

Being aware of the important role of the environment to the life, Hoang Quan commits to strictly conform to the environmental protection activities, fire fighting and fire prevention and protection of community benefits. In particular, the Company has established the environmental protection project provided by Phu Nhuan District People’s Committee; the staff of the company has completed the training course on fire fighting and fire prevention and always commit to increase the awareness in keeping green-clean-beautiful environment.
Member Associations

Member Associations

Member of HCMC Union of Business Association
Member of Executive Committee of Vietnam Real Estate Association
Member of Executive Committee of Vietnam Appraisal Association
Member of Executive Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association
Member of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI – USA)
Traditional song of the Hoang Quan

Traditional song of the Hoang Quan



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