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Decisive Product:
Since the launch of the social housing policy and it plays a key role in the government's national housing strategy, the Hoang Quan Group has been determined to select social housing as the decisive product due to the following factors:

Humanity of the policy: Social housing is the real product and developed to meet the real housing needs of the beneficiaries of social policy, armed forces and low income people who are in trouble housing.
For enterprises, social housing brings about stable profit that it is not breakthrough but is sustainable and long-term, in line with the development guideline of Hoang Quan Group.

During the past 3 years, pursuant to Decree 02/NQ-CP dated 07 January 2013, Decree 188/2013/ND-CP dated 20 November 2013 and Decree 100/2015/ND-CP dated 10 October 2015, Hoang Quan Group has been investing in building a chain of 22 projects of social housing and housing for workers with a total investment of more than 20,000 billion VND. The goal of the Group is to supply to the market more than 34,000 flats throughout HCMC and the southern provinces. Of which, there are 19 social housing projects with a total of 26,400 flats and 03 housing projects for workers with a total of nearly 8,000 flats.

With the strategic orientation and capacity to deploy, Hoang Quan Group is now the pioneer in social housing development in the South of Vietnam. During the national online conference on social housing and housing for workers on 07 December 2016, chaired by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Hoang Quan is one of two outstanding units nationwide to be invited to join and report directly to the Prime Minister. In particular, Viglacera Corporation in the North of Vietnam and Hoang Quan Group in the South of Vietnam are two leading companies in terms of investment in social housing and housing for workers in terms of both project quantity and quality.

In 2016, the social housing segment was halted by the end of the 30,000 bilion support credit package without a new continuation package. This has resulted in a general impact on the social housing market, affecting the investor as well as the clients who are in need of financial incentives to buy housing. However, with long-term vision, the Hoang Quan Group is still valuating social housing as a potential and extremely safe segment. At times, this segment may be slowdown due to procedural impact, credit support, and so on. But in the long run, the development of social housing, housing for workers is a major policy, which is facilitated by the State and Government through policy incentives and support credit for investor and clients.

By 2017, many experts predict that the type of social housing, housing for workers, affordable commercial housing will thrive due to the market more and more demand for real products, reasonable price in order to meet the speed of urbanization and the real needs of workers. From the Quarter IV/2016, many large corporations and enterprises announced their investment in the affordable housing segment with large-scale projects showing that affordable social housing is an "attractive piece of cake" for the investors.

of large scale projects and clean land fund in many places, Hoang Quan Group has been ready to meet market demand,It also accompanies the State and Government in the implementation of policy on social housing and housing for workers. With a view to promoting social housing development, by 2020, the Group will strive to complete at least 50,000 social houses and houses for workers.


Although the selection of social housing as a key investment segment, Hoang Quan Group understands that it is nescessary for diversification of products to ensure revenue and profitability. Therefore, in the past time, besides the social housing, the Hoang Quan has increased its investment in commercial real estate, including: Grandora Tower luxury apartment, Office - Officetel Golden King (Ho Chi Minh City), Ham Kiem I Industrial Park (Binh Thuan), Binh Minh Industrial Park - port - urban area (Vinh Long), University of Mekong Delta (Can Tho), etc

Besides, in response to the call for renovation of old apartment buildings and houses along the canals of Ho Chi Minh city government, Hoang Quan Group has officially registered to participate in the program with a minimum of 2,000 apartments and have up to 10,000 if approved. With the ability to manage Group A projects and practical experience in the investment process as well as social housing construction, this will be the next field to mark the success of Hoang Quan.

houses in society

In 2016, due to the impact from the end of the 30,000 billion package, revenue of the Hoang Quan Group is not high. Although Hoang Quan Group has been flexible in introducing a solution to support interest rate policy for customers, supplementing the revenue of other commercial real estate projects, its overall business results in the past year did not look as expected.

However, if seting Hoang Quan Group's sales target for 2016 in the long-term strategic vision of the Group, Hoang Quan is accumulating huge investment value and will soon turn into a successful sales in the coming period.

Up to now, the Hoang Quan Group has distributed more than 5,000 houses in society. In 2016, the Group handed over a total of 3,824 apartments including 2,822 apartments completed at HQC Plaza, HQC Hoc Mon (HCMC), Thuong Thanh Residential Area (Can Tho) and 1,002 apartments in HQC Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa). It is expected that in 2017, Hoang Quan will continue to hand over about 8,000 social houses, workers' houses and will hand over more than 14,000 in 2018.

Up to the end of the package 3,000 billion, more than 2,100 customers at the HQC Plaza, HQC Nha Trang approved loans, disbursements fact reaching over 1,000 billion VND. Particularly, Hoang Quan Group was supported by BIDV Bank with a credit of 540 billion VND in order to develop the HQC Plaza project. Accordingly, both Hoang Quan and its clients have been supported more than 1.5 trillion dong from the 30,000 billion VND package

In the other real estate segments, the Group has maintained stable operation, such as Ham Kiem I Industrial Park and Binh Minh Urban - Industrial Park - Port. All have achieved occupancy rates of over 50% with major domestic and international partners. With a large land fund, modern infrastructure, complete transport system and many incentives for enterprises, both industrial parks have attracted many interested investors and cooperative negotiations.

In addition, in Ho Chi Minh City, the Office - Officetel Golden King is completing by the cooperation between Hoang Quan Group and Indochina Real Estate Company and ready for operation from the third quarter of 2017. With a perfect location and green and smart design, Golden King is now the center of attraction for investment in Phu My Hung International Financial Center.

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