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HQC – In the morning of September 16th, 2016 Hoang Quan Mekong Consulting - Trading - Services Real Estate Corporation – A member of Hoang Quan Group held the New school year opening ceremony of Hoang Lam Preschool in Binh Minh Industrial - Port - Urban zone (Vinh Long).

Hoang Lam Preschool is honoured to welcome Mr. Thai Van Tuan - Representative of My Hoa Commune People's Committee, Mr. Phan Huu Luc - Representative of My Hoa Commune People's Committee Office, Mr. Tran Huu Liem - General Director of Hoang Quan Mekong, Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Chung - Principal of Hoang Lam Preschool and all pupils in the school year 2016-2017.


New school year opening ceremony in Hoang Lam Preschool 2016-2017 

Hoang Lam Preschool is established under the Decision No. 137/QD-UBND dated 13/9/2016 by My Hoa Commune People's Committee. A floor area is 890m2; it includes a ground floor and 2 floors with 6 classrooms, a multi-purpose room, kitchen and dining room. It is equipped with modern facilities such as hot water and cool water system, TV, computer, air conditioner, airy mesh bed, etc. for the best teaching and learning. It always cleans the utensils in direct contact with the pupils such as stainless steel eating utensils, toys, etc. to ensure their safety. In particular, classrooms have the online camera system that helps parents to monitor in the teaching and care of their children, even on cell phone.


Photo of representative of My Hoa Commune People's Committee, representative of Hoang Quan Mekong and the School Board of Hoang Lam Preschool 

In addition, there is outdoor playground of 2,000m2 for children to play, exercise and join the common activities. The playground is surrounded by safety fences and there are green spaces, ornamental plants, and useful toys for their best physical development, flexibility, creativity and intelligence.

The capacity of school is about 300 children from 13 months to 6 years old with class groups: leaves, buds layer, seed layer and kindergartens. As expected, each class will be arranged 4 teachers who directly teach and take care of the children according to the curriculum standards of the Ministry of Education and Training. In addition to the dedicated teachers, there are the medical staffs that also monitor and provide daily and periodic health care for the children and 24/24 security forces.

With the spacious facilities, dedicated teachers and standard curricula, the cost of studying and living of each child at Hoang Lam Preschool are expected to be 1 million VND per month including tuition and breakfast, lunch, snacks with full nutrition under the advice of a nutritionist. 


Outdoor playground for the children’s physical development

Hoang Lam Preschool is put into operation for the children's learning of cadres, employees and residents who living and working in Binh Minh Industrial - port - urban zone and in the neighborhood. In order to ensure that the children are cared, learned and enjoyed in a safe and modern environment, they are developed both physically and mentally to become the talents of the country in the future. 


Each class will be arranged 4 teachers who directly teach and take care of the children

A total area of Binh Minh industrial  - port - urban zone is 162ha, including port cluster, Binh Minh industrial park and Mekong City urban area. At present, Binh Minh industrial park has many companies and factories which have come into operation such as Logitem Vietnam, Truong Long Auto, Thach Anh Binh Minh, Ngoc Thu Aquatic, An Phu Irradiation, etc. Also, the Mekong Urban and HQC Binh Minh are also constructing for the peaceful settlement of the people near Can Tho Bridge.  



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