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Korea Housing and Land Group (LH) is one of the largest enterprises in Korea in the construction and development of housing. LH has built more than 2.6 million public houses and developed smart cities in Korea.

The visit and work to Hoang Quan Group is a part of a pre-feasibility study on the " Pilot Social Housing Project in Viet Nam", which was carried out in accordance with the Memorandum of Corporation signed between the Management Agency for Housing and Real-estate Market - the Ministry of Construction (Viet Nam) and the Agency of Social Housing – the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Korea). Hoang Quan Group is honored to be introduced and proposed by the Management Agency for Housing and Real-estate Market - the Ministry of Construction in the visit and work of the Korean delegation in Vietnam.

The delegation from Korea Housing and Land Group (LH) was led by Mr. Jung Jae-Han (Senior Manager, LH International Sales), and representatives from other major businesses in Korea such as Lotte E & C, DaeWoo E & C, Usun Engineering, ...

Welcoming to the delegation in the visit and work, the representative of Hoang Quan Group - Mr. Dang Thanh Thao - Deputy General Director of the Group – delivered the sincere thank-you for the interest of Korean enterprises and greeted the delegation to visit and work at Hoang Quan Group.

24-08_1The delegation from Korea Housing and Land Group (LH) visits and works at the headquarters of Hoang Quan Group 

During the discussion and work between two parties, Mr. Dang Thanh Thao - Deputy General Director of Hoang Quan Group gave an overview about Hoang Quan system, social housing projects having been invested, business strategy and development orientation. In addition, the representative of Hoang Quan Group also openly communicated issues related to the investment in social housing construction in which many Korean investors are interested, such as clean land fund for construction, land use procedure, compensation and clearance costs for people, profit margin from social housing development, etc.

After working at the headquarters, the delegation from Housing and Land Group of Korea (LH) had a field trip to social housing projects invested by Hoang Quan Group, including HQC Plaza – Model social housing project in the South region presently handed and put in use since the fourth quarter of 2015, HQC An Phu Tay project (An Phu Tay commune, Binh Chanh district, HCMC) - expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2018, HQC Binh Truong Dong (Binh Trung Dong residential area, Nguyen Duy Trinh street, District 2, HCMC) - expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2018.

24-08_2The delegation had a visit and field survey to Hoang Quan's key social housing projects in Ho Chi Minh City, including: HQC Plaza, HQC Binh Trung Dong, HQC An Phu Tay, ...

After learning about, exchanging information and visiting to projects owned by Hoang Quan Group, the delegation from LH Group said they had appreciated real estate products and business of Hoang Quan, especially in the social housing segment. At the same time, with the possession of clean and large land fund, complete legal documents with concerns and support of the authorities and the people, Korean investors believe that Hoang Quan's social housing works, projects will certainly provide sustainable and lasting benefits not only for the business but also for the society.

24-08_3Perspective of HQC Binh Trung Dong project (HCMC)

As a pioneer in the development of social housing, housing for workers in Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces, Hoang Quan Group contributes in travelling with the Government in the implementation of social housing policy and national housing strategy. Currently, Hoang Quan Group has been acting as the investor of 36 projects with total investment of more than 39,000 billion dong, including 22 social housing projects with total investment of nearly 22,000 billion dong.

On the 22 August, 2017 Hoang Quan has also applied a modern technological system for simultaneous commencement and  groundbreaking of 7 projects on the occasion of the 17th incorporation ceremony of the Group. The event is an important milestone in Hoang Quan Group's business plan for the last 6 months of 2017, contributing in the profit of approx.400 billion dong for the Group and roughly 200 billion dong for Hoang Quan Real Estate Company ( HQC).


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