Saturday 25-06-2022
HQC 4030 -30 (-0.74%)
Open Price 4070
Highest 4150
Trading volume 5,550,200
Total value 22,648,000,000
Buy redundancy 261,900
Message From The Chairman Of The Board Of Directors

With brand reputation establishment and investment experience, HQC will continue to maintain the leading position in social housing development in southern areas, promte the diversification of commercial real estate investment products, apply modern technology, advanced management models, etc. in order to bring the harmonized benefits to shareholders, customers, employees, partners; as well as fulfill obligations towards the State and social responsibilities.
To: Our Valued Shareholders

In 2016, Hoang Quan Consulting – Trading – Service Real Estate Corporation (HQC) has continues to maintain the leading position in social housing investment and development. Each social housing project being built, finished and handed over to clients is the demonstration of the Corporation’s spirit in accompanying with the Government to implement social housing deveploment policies and housing for workers for social welfare purposes. So far, HQC has been investing in building a chain of 22 social housing project and housing for workers with a total investment of more than VND 20,000 billion.
Following the success of social housing product line, HQC well maintains the leading position of social housing in HO CHI MINH City and other southern provinces of Vietnam; and will continue to implement the registered social housing project chain, accompanying with national housing strategy, contributing to creating good living conditions for residents.
At the same time, with the foundation of prestige brand, investment experience, HQC will promote the diversification of commercial real estate investment products such as: Real Estate Resort (Sea Villas and Condo-tel), Real Estate for Accommodation and Business (Shop-house and Officetel), Apartments (Luxury, Medium, low-income), Industrial Zones, Factories, Warehouses. In the development orientation of the period 2017-2020, commercial real estate products will contribute at least 50% of sales revenue.
In addition, convenient products and services such as supermarkets, clinics, education and training system from pre-school to vocational school, academy, university are also emphasized and invested to create value resonance increase of real estate projects.
In 2017, based on the market experience, compared with modern standards, HQC will study and apply good practices, international standards of corporate governance; at the same time drastically step up capital divestments of member companies, minimizing cross-ownership in order to make information transparent and ensure the insterests of shareholders.
Moreover, HQC will promote the research and application, operation of advanced technologies, equipment and techniques, advanced management models and usage of environmental-friendly new materials to accelerate the construction speed, ensuring safety and improving project efficiency. On the other hand, the approach of selecting and conducting M&A of potential projects will help HQC reduce time, initial investment costs, speed up progress and improve investment efficiency.
Dear Valued Shareholders,
The success of HQC today is firstly thanks to the support of the Government, Ministries, provinces and cities, departments, local authorities and the trust of Shareholders, investors, customers, partners and the contribution of all staff members. HQC will constantly strive towards achieving stable business performance, ensuring the benefits of shareholders, customers, employees and partners; well perform obligations towards the State and social responsibilities.
On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express my sincerest thanks and hope the Government, Ministries, provinces, cities, departments and local authorities as well as shareholders, investors, HQC’s partners and staffs will successfully complete the tasks of 2017-2020, accelerate the growth momentum and ensure harmonized benefit between the business and other related parties.
Chairman of the Board of Directiors

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