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Social Housing - HQC Tay Ninh

Address :
2nd Ward, Tay Ninh City , Tay Ninh Province
Acreage :
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Location - Project scale

Location - Project scale


  • Ward 2, Ho Chi Minh City. Tay Ninh, Tay Ninh province
  • Owning a perfect location in the heart of Tay Ninh city, Tay Ninh HQC is the golden center of convergence of the best elements such as modern architecture, airy space, convenient transportation, easy connection. Coming to the complete public facilities such as Tay Ninh market, Tay Ninh bus station, Provincial People's Committee, hospital, 30/4 park ...
  • 250m far from Tay Ninh market.
  • Tay Ninh bus station 250m.
  • 500m from the provincial People's Committee.
Project scale


Project scale:

  • HQC Tay Ninh consists of 12 blocks of 15 floors high divided into two zones.
    Total land area: 3,300ha
    Construction area of ​​apartment: 2,463ha
    Total number of apartments: 1526 apartments, area: 48.4m2 - 69.8m2.
    Building density: 54.28%.
Layout & Sample Apartment

Layout & Sample Apartment



Social housing HQC Tay Ninh is divided into two zones including 12 apartment blocks 15 floors. HQC Tay Ninh has provided 1526 apartments for the local market with complete utilities such as kindergarten, communal house, commercial center, swimming pool, garage, sports area, walking area, Park.......


1. The people with credits to the revolution 

2. Staff, public servants receiving the salary from state budget

3. Officers, professional military personnel

4. Workers, labors who work at industrial parks, processing and production parks, economic areas

5. Persons with low income; poor families with low income as regulated by the state

6. Persons receiving the social supports as regulated by the law

7. Persons who have mission house returned

8. Households, individuals of resettlement objects

Contact & Payment methods

Contact & Payment methods

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