Social Housing - HQC Plaza

Employer :
Hoang Quan Group
Address :
Lot CC1, Nguyen Van Linh Avenue, Binh Chanh District, HCMC
Acreage :
35290.3 m²
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Location - Project scale

Location - Project scale

Location :
•    Lot CC1, Nguyen Van Linh Avenue, South Sai Gon New Urban Area, Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh city.
•    Opposite to University Village
•    Right at Binh Dien Wholesale market
•    The behind of the project is Rach Long Den to create the ecological landscape for the project
•    Only 2 minutes away from Sai Gon- Trung Luong Expressway project
•    Only 5 minutes away from Vo Van Kiet Avenue connecting with the center of the city
•    Only 10 minutes away from Phu My Hung.
Project scale
Project scale :
  • The project has the land area of 35,290.3 m2, consisting 4 apartment blocks of HQ1, HQ2, HQ3, HQ4 
  • Construction area: 11,214.68 m2
  • Total gross floor area: 149,221.54
  • Construction density: 33%
  • Total number of apartments: 1735 apartments
  • Area of from 50.43 - 64.10 m2
  • Land use coefficient of the entire area: 6.3
Layout & Sample Apartment

Layout & Sample Apartment




Located on Nguyen Van Linh Avenue where is considered as the blood-vessel of the West gateway of Ho Chi Minh City, The Project is only 500m away from National Highway No. 1A, therefore, it is possible to connect directly with Sai Gon-Trung Luong Expressway to Mekong River Delta Region. Especially, with the complete traffic infrastructure, it only takes the residents here 5 minutes to go from HQC Plaza to Vo Van Kiet Avenue connecting with the center of Ho Chi Minh city and only 10 minutes to arrive to Phu My Hung Urban Area. 


In addition to the favorable location, HQC Plaza is also located in the master plan of South Sai Gon Area next to Binh Dien Wholesale market, adjoining to Zone D and E Phu My Hung, in opposite to International University Area, therefore, the project will receive a series of utilities serving for the modern life for commercial, service activities and the opportunities for studying at the international study environment.



The typical point of strategic location that create the different feature for HQC Plaza project from the adjoining projects is being located in the position facing pure and blue Long Den Channel to give the residents here the real living and resting environment.


The living environment here at HQC Plaza is no more stuffy, cramped but full of relaxing feeling when waking up every morning to take a walk or run along the river or welcoming the sunrise to experience the gold trimming on the water flow. The landscape of the natural river at HQC Plaza is not a simple arrangement but it is the beautiful and impressive point as permanent painting along with the time.


Using the design idea of the solidarity, sustainability and prosperity, HQC Plaza consists of 4 high-rise apartment blocks symmetrically to create a firm position and all flats take view to landscape. Green trees and landscape areas are designed in focused areas to create the parks, walking paths through the blocks to exploit to the maximum the green trees and water surface along Long Den Channel to organize the public space and entertainment space suitably.


                        Perspective of Commercial Center and Walking Street of HQC Plaza


Perspective of Commercial Center and Walking Street of HQC Plaza

With the arrangement of taking full advantage of wind direction and natural lighting, HQC Plaza will surely bring the healthy and perfect life to the residents here. 


HQC Plaza is a social housing project, but the investor has paid much attention on constructing many utilities to offer the convenient and modern life to the residents such as commercial center, entertainment area, sports area, walking street, clinic, kindergarten, green park, swimming pool, tennis court, children garden. The residents here shall also enjoy a series of utilities, services, public entertainment areas such as Big C supermarket, Mien Tay Coach station, Children Hospital 3, Trieu An Hospital etc.


                                 Perspective of Roof Floor Coffee Shop and Tennis Court 




1. The people with credits to the revolution 

2. Staff, public servants receiving the salary from state budget

3. Officers, professional military personnel

4. Workers, labors who work at industrial parks, processing and production parks, economic areas

5. Persons with low income; poor families with low income as regulated by the state

6. Persons receiving the social supports as regulated by the law

7. Persons who have mission house returned

8. Households, individuals of resettlement objects

Contact & Payment methods

Contact & Payment methods

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