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Social Housing - HOF - HQC Ho Hoc Lam

Employer :
HCMC Housing Development Fund
Address :
No.35, Ho Ngoc Lam Street, An Lac Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City
Acreage :
12382.5 m²
Date post :
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Location - Project scale

Location - Project scale


  • Ho Hoc Lam Social Housing Project at No. 35, Ho Hoc Lam Street, An Lac Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City is one of the modern projects bringing to high social efficiency, increasing housing fund, meeting housing demand of people with low income in Binh Tan District and the surroundings.
  • HOF - HQC Ho Hoc Lam is the connecting point between the developed and dynamic urban zones of HCMC like the districts 1, 5, 11, Tan Binh District and the new urban zone in the western south of Binh Tan District near An Lac intersection, 
  • the strategic trafic gate in the western south of the city. 
  • The site is also near the existing Tan Tao civil zone and the public administration zone, the People’s Procuracy, the People’s Court, the district’s law enforcement team, etc. The neighbourhood enjoys complete infrastructure and it is easy to go to Big C An Lac 
  • Supermarket, Mien Tay Bus Station, Binh Tay market, Dam Sen Cultural Park, etc. Apart from that, it is also very convenient to go to big industrial zones such as Pou-Yuen, Tan Tao, Le Minh Xuan, etc.
Project scale

Project Scale:

  • Scope: 1 basement, 1half storey, and 6 15-storey blocks
  • Total number of apartments: 718 
  •  Apartment area: 46m2 - 69m2 (2 - 3 bedrooms)
Layout & Sample Apartment

Layout & Sample Apartment



With modern architectural style, HOF - HQC Ho Hoc Lam Social Housing is considered as the highlighting works of the whole area including residential area alternating surrounding administrative area.  


The project has the 6-block scale with 15 floors forming a sustainable, remarkable block in the area. Housing blocks are placed in harmony maximum utilizing the light and natural wind, bringing to a life space that is airy and friendly with the nature. The apartments are designed simply and skillfully in line with your life demand as well as your family’s one in an active, modern life at Binh Tan District new urban zone.  


Without travelling any place, all things you and your family need are integrated immediately at HOF - HQC Ho Hoc Lam with internal utilities such as trade centre, greenery park, kindergarten, sporty area, café shops…ensuring a comfortable life in your hand. 


At the same time, from existing public services such as Big C An Lac supermarket, Mien Tay stop, Binh Tay market, Dam Sen park…increase further utilities so that your life is more actve and more conveniently developed. 



1. The people with credits to the revolution 

2. Staff, public servants receiving the salary from state budget

3. Officers, professional military personnel

4. Workers, labors who work at industrial parks, processing and production parks, economic areas

5. Persons with low income; poor families with low income as regulated by the state

6. Persons receiving the social supports as regulated by the law

7. Persons who have mission house returned

8. Households, individuals of resettlement objects

Contact & Payment methods

Contact & Payment methods

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