Cinderella 3 Ecological Villas Area

Employer :
Hoang Quan Consulting-Trading-Service Real Estate Corporation
Address :
Chau Pha Commune, Tan Thanh District, Ba Ria – Vung Tai Province
Acreage :
45000 m²
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Location - Project scale

Location - Project scale


The villas area is only far 81 km from the central HO Chi Minh City, located at Chau Pha Commune, Tan Thanh District, Ba Ria – Vung Tai Province, near to Go Dau Industrial Park, Tan Thanh Stop, International College. Furthermore, it is close to entertainment and tourist centres such as Resco Resort and Lotus Resort.  In particular, it has favorable traffic throughout the surrounding provinces. 

Project scale


Project Scale:

Cinderella 3 Ecological Villas Area is a green space which is located at Chau Pha – Toc Tien – one of the most beautiful destinations in Vung Tau and Dinh Mountain tourist area. Stage 1 has the area of 4.5 ha in which there are 78 villas with 264 m2 - 361 m2 area and 21 city houses with 79.94 m2 – 170.65 m2 area.  

Layout & Sample Apartment

Layout & Sample Apartment



Cinderella 3 Ecological Villas Area, a place of time relaxing and mixing with the nature. Feeling the difference while enjoying large green grass cover, fresh air dispelling hurry atmosphere of routin life. 

With a special design for businessmen only, expressing owner’s level. In addition, it is adjacent to surrounding entertainment points such as Long Thanh golf course, Long Son Island, Binh Chau hot stream, Dinh CO, Long Hai beach, Vung Tau sea city… 

Mixing with the nature, feeling with the difference 

 Entertainment, relaxation, life experiment, all of them become more different in peaceful, romantic context at Cinderella 3 Ecological Villas Area. Moreover, with a favorable position, it is close to Ba Ria’s tourist, entertainment places.

The whole precinct of the villas area is designed in 3-star resort standard in which it is covered by 2 lively greenery and flower layers isolated from external space. 


Enjoying full relaxed time

A place which contains sublimated feelings with the nature, enjoying unlimited happiness standing by your family. 

Free on outdoor, shopping and sporty activities, temporarily closing routin worries. 


Bringing the nature into your house 

This space is compared as a lively diary in respect with happy time, sacred moment for you and your family. 

With closed, isolated criteria in 24/24 security, it makes you secure, enjoy weekend time with your family. 


Contact & Payment methods

Contact & Payment methods

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