Social Housing - HQC Hoc Mon
Completion of the rough, under construction last items to hand over apartments

Published date: 16/10/2014
Address: Nguyen Thi Soc Street, Xuan Thoi Dong Commune, Hoc Mon District, HCMC
Acreage: 11889.3 m²
Location – Project Scale

Project Scale:
- Scale: Basement, 4 commercial storeys, 14 apartment storeys.
- Total number of apartments: 579
- Apartment area: 42.87m2 - 69.97m2
- Gross Floor Area: 11,889.3m2
- Construction area of Apartment and Commercial Center Building: 5,531m2
- Area for Green park: 1,747.3m2
- Construction Density: 46.48%

Nguyen Thi Soc Street, Xuan Thoi Dong, Hoc Mon District (in opposite to Hoc Mon Wholesale Agricultural Product Market)
HQC Hoc Mon is located in the central area of Hoc Mon District where the infrastructure is completed and modern.
- Only 200m away from National Highway No. 22 (the  National Highway connecting Ho Chi Minh City Center with Cu Chi, Moc Bai – Tay Ninh)
- It takes only 7 minutes to arrive to the Administration Center, Hoc Mon District People’s Committee, Hoc Mon Hospital, Metro Supermarket, Coopmart Supermarket, Quang Trung Software Park, only 5 minutes to An Suong Intersection and 25 minutes to the center of Ho Chi Minh City.
- The project is in opposite to Hoc Mon Wholesale Agricultural Product Market


Sample Apartment

Clean and Pure Living Space
Living in a good environment will enhance the expectation of life., Therefore, in order to take care the health of the customers, the Project’s Investor spends up to 1,747.3m2 for green park. This valuable green space will bring a pure and fresh space for the residents to live in the pure and beautiful nature.
Modern and Convenient Utilities
Living small apartment, your family will arrive to a pure living environment with the civilized community and all modern utilities to serve quickly and perfectly for your dynamic life.
You will not need to go far, right at HQC Hoc Mon Complex, you can have joys with your family, friends through a series of utilities such as café, luxurious and warm restaurant, supermarket which are available to meet all demand of the daily life.
Secured to enjoy
4/24 Security System, professional security staffs, modern monitoring camera system and fire fighting and fire prevention system will make you secured to live in your home.
Other utilities such as: spacious parking basement, lifts, power and water service, internet, cable television, wireless interest are waiting for your connections.

Legal Documents of the Project

Decree No. 3572/QĐ-UBND dated 27/03/2015 by City People’s Committee on the approval for project transfer and the commercial center of condominiums in Xuan Thoi Dong, Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City (social housing project HQC Hoc Mon) from Hoc Mon Trading Joint Stock Company  (HTC) for Hoang Quan Consulting - Trading - Service Real Estate Corporation (HQC).
Decree  No. 2136/QĐ-UBND allows the transformation Hoc Mon HQC project from commercial housing to the social housing.
Decree No. 02/NQ-CP dated 07/01/2013 by the Government on housing development for the staffs, workers, public officers, official army forces in general and Public Security forces in particular.
Circular No. 07/2013/TT-BXD by Ministry of Construction dated 15/05/2013 on guiding the definition of objects to be supported for housing loans according to Decree No. 02/NQ-CP dated 07/01/2013 by the Government.
Decision No. 1655/QĐ-UBND dated 31/03/ 2011 by City People’s Committee on approving to hand over the land to Hoc Mon Trading Joint Stock Company to implement the commercial center and high-rise apartment project to serve for resettlement at Xuan Thoi Dong commune, Hoc Mon District.
Certificate of Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention Appraisal dated 02/04/2010 by Department of HCMC Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention Police, Ministry of Public Security
Agreement on Power Supply Method No. 7592/PCHM-KT dated 24/11/2011 by Hoc Mon Power Company.
Letter No. 8496/SCT-QLNL dated 07/12/2011 on comments about the suitability of the power development plan of the works “newly construction of medium-voltage line and transformers to supply power to Hoc Mon Commercial Center and High-rise Apartment Building Project invested by Hoc Mon Trading Joint Stock Company”.
The Agreement on connection No. 8167/PCHM-KT dated 16/12/2011 by Hoc Mon Power Company.
The Business Registration Certificate for the joint stock company registered for 6th change on 15/06/2011 issued by Business Registration Division of Department of Planning and Investment of HCMC.
Commitment for safety assurance for the site which is already exploited for mines and explosive materials dated 09/08/2010 by High Command.
Letter No. 58/TMHM dated 05/03/2010 by General Director of Hoc Mon Trading Joint Stock Company on requesting for approving the Environmental Protection Commitment for Hoc Mon Commercial Center and High-rise Apartment Building Project.
Letter No. 126/TG1-QC dated 05/02/2010 by General Staff Department on approving the static height of the construction works.
Decision No. 43/QĐ-SXD-TĐDA dated 06/04/2010 by Department of Construction on approving the investment project for commercial center and high-rise apartment project at Xuan Thoi Dong commune, Hoc Mon District, HCMC.
Letter No. 5840/UBND-TM dated 17/08/ 2008 by City People’s Committee on revising the plan and functions of the service area and public area of North City Wholesale market (Tan Xuan Market in Hoc Mon)
Letter No. 2854/SQHKT-QHKV2 dated 08/10/ 2009 by Department of Planning –Architecture on comments on the revised 1/500 construction master plan for North City Wholesale Market (Tan Xuan Market – Hoc Mon)
The Environmental Protection Commitment of Hoc Mon Commercial Center and High-rise Apartment Building Project dated 22/04/2010.
Decision No. 1277/QĐ-UBND dated 20/11/2009 by Hoc Mon District People’s Committee on approving the revised 1/500 detailed plan for Hoc Mon Commercial Center and High-rise Apartment Building Project in Xuan Thoi Dong commune, Hoc Mon District, HCMC.

Objects eligible to buy social houses

1. The people with credits to the revolution 
2. Staff, public servants receiving the salary from state budget
3. Officers, professional military personnel
4. Workers, labors who work at industrial parks, processing and production parks, economic areas
5. Persons with low income; poor families with low income as regulated by the state
6. Persons receiving the social supports as regulated by the law
7. Persons who have mission house returned
8. Households, individuals of resettlement objects

Hotline: 0903.054.168 - 0909 588 235 - 0903 186 218 - 0906 809 135

List of documents to be provided by the customers

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Notice by HCMC Education Trade’s Union

According to the Letter from Education Trade’s Union, the Education Trade’s unions of districts, local trade’s unions of high schools, regular education center, professional intermediary school, colleges and dependent units are required to send notices to their staffs, trade’s union members, teachers and labors to register for buying the apartments at two projects of HQC Plaza Social Housing Project in Saigon South New Urban Area and Low-cost Commercial Housing Project    HQC Hoc Mon located near Tan Xuan Wholesale Agricultural Product Market, Nguyen Thi Soc Street, Hoc Mon District invested by Hoang Quan Consulting-Trading-Service Real Estate Corporation.
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Common questions about HQC Hoc Mon Project

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Project progress

 Update progress to 12/03/2016

Trade  - Services Area ( 4 floors ) :  in the process of completion and crude handover to the client  .
Areas A and B2  : concrete is curing , cleaning , waterproofing floor terrace. Complete walls from floor apartments 5-16 and building the remaining floors
Areas B1 and C : Showing hygiene , waterproof floor terrace.
Stairs : Pouring concrete from the 16th floor to the top floor of Area A.


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