Social Housing - HQC Plaza
Proceed hand over apartments to customers in the block HQ1, HQ2

Published date: 16/10/2014
Address: Lot CC1, Nguyen Van Linh Avenue, Binh Chanh District, HCMC
Acreage: 35290.3 m²
Location – Project Scale

Project scale :
•    The project has the land area of 35,290.3 m2, consisting 4 apartment blocks of HQ1, HQ2, HQ3, HQ4
•    Construction area: 11,214.68 m2
•    Total gross floor area: 149,221.54
•    Construction density: 33%
•    Total number of apartments: 1735 apartments
•    Area of from 50.43 - 64.10 m2
•    Land use coefficient of the entire area: 6.3

Location :
•    Lot CC1, Nguyen Van Linh Avenue, South Sai Gon New Urban Area, Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh city.
•    Opposite to University Village
•    Right at Binh Dien Wholesale market
•    The behind of the project is Rach Long Den to create the ecological landscape for the project
•    Only 2 minutes away from Sai Gon- Trung Luong Expressway project
•    Only 5 minutes away from Vo Van Kiet Avenue connecting with the center of the city
•    Only 10 minutes away from Phu My Hung.

Location map

Sample Apartment


Located on Nguyen Van Linh Avenue where is considered as the blood-vessel of the West gateway of Ho Chi Minh City, The Project is only 500m away from National Highway No. 1A, therefore, it is possible to connect directly with Sai Gon-Trung Luong Expressway to Mekong River Delta Region. Especially, with the complete traffic infrastructure, it only takes the residents here 5 minutes to go from HQC Plaza to Vo Van Kiet Avenue connecting with the center of Ho Chi Minh city and only 10 minutes to arrive to Phu My Hung Urban Area. 

In addition to the favorable location, HQC Plaza is also located in the master plan of South Sai Gon Area next to Binh Dien Wholesale market, adjoining to Zone D and E Phu My Hung, in opposite to International University Area, therefore, the project will receive a series of utilities serving for the modern life for commercial, service activities and the opportunities for studying at the international study environment.

The typical point of strategic location that create the different feature for HQC Plaza project from the adjoining projects is being located in the position facing pure and blue Long Den Channel to give the residents here the real living and resting environment.

The living environment here at HQC Plaza is no more stuffy, cramped but full of relaxing feeling when waking up every morning to take a walk or run along the river or welcoming the sunrise to experience the gold trimming on the water flow. The landscape of the natural river at HQC Plaza is not a simple arrangement but it is the beautiful and impressive point as permanent painting along with the time.


Using the design idea of the solidarity, sustainability and prosperity, HQC Plaza consists of 4 high-rise apartment blocks symmetrically to create a firm position and all flats take view to landscape. Green trees and landscape areas are designed in focused areas to create the parks, walking paths through the blocks to exploit to the maximum the green trees and water surface along Long Den Channel to organize the public space and entertainment space suitably.

Perspective of Commercial Center and Walking Street of HQC Plaza
Perspective of Commercial Center and Walking Street of HQC Plaza
With the arrangement of taking full advantage of wind direction and natural lighting, HQC Plaza will surely bring the healthy and perfect life to the residents here. 


HQC Plaza is a social housing project, but the investor has paid much attention on constructing many utilities to offer the convenient and modern life to the residents such as commercial center, entertainment area, sports area, walking street, clinic, kindergarten, green park, swimming pool, tennis court, children garden. The residents here shall also enjoy a series of utilities, services, public entertainment areas such as Big C supermarket, Mien Tay Coach station, Children Hospital 3, Trieu An Hospital etc.

Perspective of Roof Floor Coffee Shop and Tennis Court 

Legal documents of the project

Construction Permit No/ 09/GPXD-BQLKN ( See attached file)
- Decree No. 5839/QĐ-UBND, dated 26/10/2013 on "approving the changing from commercial housing into social housing at CC1 Apartment Project – Zone 2, Ben Luc Resettlement Area, Functional Area No. 17, South City new Urban Area, An Phu tay Commune, Binh Chanh District invested by Hoang Quan Consulting – Trading – Service Real Estate Corporation." ( See attached file)
- Letter No. 755/CV-HĐQT by Chairman of Management Board of BIDV Bank dated 24/05/2013 on "Applying the objects receiving the preferential interest rate of 6%/year fixed for 10 years to staffs, members, trade union members and the persons receiving the salaries from Ministry of Public Security when registering to buy the houses at HQC Plaza."  (See attached file)
 - Circular No. 07/2013/TT-BXD by Ministry of Construction dated 15/05/2013 on "Guidelines to define the objects receiving the house buying capital assistance according to Decree No. 02/NQ-CP dated 07/01/2013 by the government." (See the attached file)
- Circular No. 11/TT-NHNN by the State Bank dated 15/05/2013 on "Lending capital for buying houses according to Decree 02/NQ-CP dated 07/01/2013 by the Government." (See the attached file)
- Letter 1708/BCA-X11 by Ministry of Public Security signed by Standing Deputy Minister Dang Van Hieu on 08/05/2013 on "Requesting for house buying capital support for staffs, trade union members of Public security." (See the attached file)
- "Agreement on cooperation for house development with preferential price signed between Hoang Quan Company and Executive Committee of Youth Union of Ministry of Public Security on 09/04/2013." (See the attached file)
- Letter No. 478/BXD-QLN by Ministry of Construction dated 22/03/2013 on "Changing the commercial housing project into social housing project." (See the attached file)
- Decree No. 02/NQ-CP by the Government dated 07/01/2013 on "Developing the houses for staffs, public servants of army force in general and  Public Security force in particular." (See the attached file)
- Letter No. 5374/UBND-ĐTMT by City People’s Committee dated 19/10/2012 on "Approving the investment of the project." (See the attached file)
- Decree No. 4648/QĐ-UBND by HCMC People’s Committee dated 10/09/2012 on "Handing over the land to Hoang Quan Consulting – Trading – Service Real Estate Corporation." (See the attached file)
- Decree No. 48/QĐ-BQLKN by South Zone Management Board dated 16/05/2012 on "Approving the 1/500 detailed revised plan for HQC Plaza project invested by Hoang Quan Consulting – Trading – Service Real Estate Corporation." (See the attached file)

Objects eligible to buy social houses

1. The people with credits to the revolution 
2. Staff, public servants receiving the salary from state budget
3. Officers, professional military personnel
4. Workers, labors who work at industrial parks, processing and production parks, economic areas
5. Persons with low income; poor families with low income as regulated by the state
6. Persons receiving the social supports as regulated by the law
7. Persons who have mission house returned
8. Households, individuals of resettlement objects

Hotline: 0903 054 168 - 0909 588 235 - 0903 186 218 - 0906 809 135

List of documents to be provided

Please see the attachment : Download

Notices from Ministries, sectors

1. Notice from Executive Committee of Ministry of Public Security 
Ref: Tiem for registering to buy social house at HQC Plaza : (See attached file)
2. Notice from Executive Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Public Security:
Ref: Implementation of the social housing provision with preferential price and interest rate to staffs, members of Youth Union of City Public Security:( See attached file)
3. Notice from Trade’s Union of Ho Chi Minh City Education :
Accordingly, the letter of Trade Union requests the trade’s unions at district level, basic trade’s unions of high schools, regular education centers, professional intermediary schools, colleges and direct units to implement the notice to permit the staff, trade union members, teachers and labor of the units to register for buying the flats at two social housing projects of HQC Plaza in South Sai Gon New Urban Area and low-price commercial social housing at HQC Hóc Môn located at Tan Xuan Agricultural Product Wholesale Market on Nguyen Thi Soc street, Hoc Mon District invested by Hoang Quan Consulting – Trading – Service Real Estate Corporation  . ( See attached file)
4. Notice from Binh Tan District People’s Committee office to circulate the letter No. 28/PC-VP
Receiving  Letter No. 285/2014/HQC-CV dated 4/6/ 2014 from Hoang Quan Consulting – Trading – Service Real Estate Corporation on introduction to the social housing according to Decree No. 02/NQ-CP by

Common Questions

- For common questions, please see at : HERE 
- For answers, please see at: Answers

Project progress

HQC Plaza 
Mock-up of HQC Plaza Project

Progress up to 19/3/2016

Block HQ1:
Section reinforced concrete frame:  Completed
Completing the exterior: 95%
Perfecting Indoor: is perfect for handover from floors 3-23 95%.

Block HQ2:
Section reinforced concrete frame: Completed
Completing the exterior: 95%
Perfecting Indoor: Ongoing finishing editing to handover from the 3rd  - 23 floor 95% . Being finished floors 1-2.

Block HQ3:
Section reinforced concrete frame high-rise block: Completed
Low-rise blocks: complete reinforced concrete, walls are up to the 3rd floor.
Completing the exterior: 90%
Perfecting Indoor:
- The Building: Under construction wall from the 3rd floor to the roof, is completing construction of floors 1-2 bowl
- The bowl warrant: Plastered inside apartments, corridors, floor mastic trowel 4-24.
- The paint: class 1 are painted on floors 4-19.
- The paving, railings, doors: On installation 4-24 floor balcony railing and handrail. Door installation is 4-22, are tiled from floor tiles 4 - roof.
- The ceiling, kitchen: kitchen floor is tiled surface 4-17, is close to the ceiling in the apartment floors 5-21, bare floor corridor 6-7.
- Power + Water: Complete vertical connection cable ladder 2nd floor - pull wires 12. Being in the apartment floor 5 - 8. The water meter is installed floors 11-16, sanitary equipment installation 5th floor - 8.
- Fire Protection: Fire alarm pull strings Finished floors 5-8, under construction on floors 8 - 24. Under construction vertical floors 5-24.
- Work completed handover: from floors 5-15.

Block HQ4:
The frame reinforced concrete high-rise block: Completed
Low-rise blocks: Improvement of 70%, is conducting outer wall bowl. Gave residents and staff for parking on the 3rd floor.
Completing the exterior:Plastering from the floor is 4-24, trowel mastic, primer floors 4-24.
Perfecting Indoor:
- Building a wall: Achieve 95% (basically completed, except for the apartments entangled hoist)
- The bowl warrant: Showing bowl in the apartment floors 4-24.
- The paint: class 1 is painted floors 4-20 in HQ-1, primer layer 4-20 at the HQ-2.
- Work tiling, doors, kitchen: tiled floor is 5-17, are installing doors, bedroom floors 5-13, floors are tiled stovetops 4 - 24. On the kitchen floor tiled 4-24
- Waterproof: Under construction on floors 4-24, in HQ4-1 roof, floors 5-14 in HQ4-2.
- Business railing: Showing installed handrail, handrail from floors 3-24.
- Electricity: Being dragged floor flat wires 5-19, installation of electrical equipment in the apartment floors 5-9.
- Water: Under construction of water supply systems hallway floors 4-23 in HQ4-1. Under construction of water supply in HQ4-1 3rd floor apartment, floors 4-9 in the HQ-2.
- Fire Protection: Setting box push button fighting system floors 4-10, Fire corridor tube, vertical tubes floors 4-24.

Camera to monitor the progress

Please follow the following steps to install the online camera through web browsers:
1. Access Camera through web browsers (Internet Explore, FireFox, Google Chrome, …)
- Step 1 : Create new tap (if the browser is opening) or opening a new browser.
- Step 2 : Enter the address :, appear requirements for installing WebkitPlugin :


- Step 3 :
+ Click symbol to download WebkitPlugin with file name: “WebClient.exe”.
+ Click just downloaded “WebClient.exe” file to install.

- Step 4 : Press “Run” to continue installation.

- Step 5 : Restart browser by: Turn off browser and re-open by pressing F4 to refresh the browser.
Notes : The setup of WebClient is only carried out at the first access, in the next access time, you will only need to access the address and enter Username and Password for sign in.
-Step 6 : Sign in by one of users and passwords below:
            + User 1 : hqc1  -  Password : hoangquan
            + User 2 : hqc2  -  Password : hoangquan
            + User 3 : hqc3  -  Password : hoangquan
            + User 4 : hqc4  -  Password : hoangquan
            + User 5 : hqc5  -  Password : hoangquan


When sign in successfully, select 2 monitoring modes as follows:
- (1) : Select Camera, select camera by camera

- (2) : Select all camera.

2.Acess Camera from mobile equipments iOS(Ipad, Iphone,..), Android :
- For equipment using iOS, access AppStore, search for “SuperLivePro” (notes: it is required to have account on AppStore) and install.
- For equipment using Android, access Google Play Store, search for “Super Live Pro” and install.
Follow the following steps (Demo on Iphone 4GS) :
- Step 1 : Acess AppStore to search for SuperLivePro and install.


- Step 2 : Start the newly installed program.

- Step 3 : Enter Username and Password provided above.


- Step 4 : After sign in successfully. Select to change camera by click into the camera numbers below:


 E-Catalogue : Download


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