(28/03/2015) - HQC – This morning, Hoang Quan Corporation held the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for 2015 with the participation of more than 500 shareholders, investors, partners, domestic and foreign media.
At the General Meeting, Hoang Quan Company reported to the Board of Shareholders about the production and business results of 2014 and the tasks, plans for 2015 with the particular contents as follows:

Orientations and tasks for 2015

Hoang Quan Corporation will continue to implement the pioneering strategy, promote the social housing development. Besides focusing on two key products of HQC Plaza, HQC Hoc Mon, the corporation will continue to develop and open for sale other social housing products in the City and other potential provinces.

In 2015, the Corporation will put into operation such key projects as: HQC Plaza, HQC Hoc Mon, Thuong Thanh Residential Area in Can Tho City, HQC Royal Tower, complete the construction of Mekong River Delta University (phase 1) and enroll the first university year with the number of approximate 3,000 students in phase 1 and increase to 10,000 students in phase 2.

Completing the infrastructure and promoting the attraction of investors into 02 existing Industrial Parks of Binh Minh – Vinh Long Industrial Park and Ham Kiem – Binh Thuan Industrial Park, continuing to construct workshops for lease to contribute to diversify the options to the customers and partners with the objective of gaining the occupation percentage at 02 industrial parks of 50%.

Preparing the investment and implementing the construction and completing the legal documents for social houses for the projects of HQC Hoc Mon, HQC Nha Trang, HQC Binh Trung Dong, HQC 35 Ho Hoc Lam, HQC Tay Ninh. Continuing to expand the investment and completing the legal procedures for the investment of social housing projects in Bien Hoa, Tien Giang and Ho Chi Minh City.

In 2015, HQC will also proceed to complete the legal documents on investment at Tay Ninh Urban Construction and Development Joint Stock Company. Receiving the transfer of shares at Tay Ninh Lottery Company, Phan Thiet University and Tu Cuong Tourism Intermediate School in Phan Thiet.

Plan for Revenue and Profit in 2015

In 2015, HQC sets up the plan for the revenue of VND3,200 billion and after-tax profit of VND320 billion, 10 times than those in 2014. In the structure of revenue and profit of HQC in 2015, the social housing projects will account for 50%, the remaining is from other projects and business sectors. The dividend in 2015 is planned at 8%.

This plan is totally feasible when a series of the projects invested by the Corporation such as HQC Plaza, HQC Hoc Mon, HQC Royal Tower, Grandora Tower, Mekong River Delta University Urban Area, Mekong Rive Delta University are completed and in handover phase, and industrial parks such as Binh Minh- Vinh Long Industrial Park, Ham Kiem-Binh Thuan Industrial Park are receiving the concerns and attracting the investments from domestic and foreign partners etc. In addition, the revenue from the projects in association with member companies will also contribute to help HQC to reach the plan.

Increasing the Charter Capital to two times

In addition to the plan for revenue and profit in 2015, Board of Directors also submitted to the Board of Shareholders the plan to increase two times of Charter Capital to VND4,000 billion.

Accordingly, the Corporation will offer for sale to the existing shareholders with the ratio of 200:63 and price of not less than VND10,000/share. The total planned capital of VND630 billion will be used for capital contribution to implement Binh Minh Industrial Park and Binh Minh Specialist, Worker Accommodation, Commercial and Service Project with the value of VND280 billion; implement Mekong River Delta University Project (phase 1) with the value of VND150 billion and supplement to the investment capital for HQC Hoc Mon Project with the value of VND200 billion.

Accordingly, HQC will issue at the maximum 137 million of shares to exchange for the shares at 4 associated companies to aiming at owning 100% capital.

In particular, It is planned that HQC will issue 36.2 million shares for exchange at Hoang Quan Can Tho Company; 29.8 million shares for exchange at Hoang Quan Binh Thuan Company; 38 million share for exchange at Indochina Real Estate Investment and Development Joint Stock Company and 33 million shares for exchange at Binh Minh Port Joint Stock Company.

Results of Election of Board of Directors and Board of Controllers for Office Term of 2015 – 2019

The General Meeting of Shareholders of Hoang Quan Corporation in this year also marked the completion of 5-year office term of Board of Directors and Board of Controller. Therefore, at the General Meeting of Shareholders this year, HQC would elect the new Board of Directors (7 members) and Board of Controllers (3 members) for the 2015 – 2019 Term. The results of the election were as follows:

List of successful candidates for Board of Directors:
1. Mr. Truong Anh Tuan – Chairman of the BOD
2. Ms. Nguyen Thi Dieu Phuong 
3. Mr. Truong Thai Son 
4. Mr.  Truong Duc Hieu
5. Mr.  Le Dinh Vien
6. Mr.  Le Thanh Nam 
7. Mr.  Le Hung

List of successful candidates for Board of Controllers:
1. Ms. Le Phung Nha Phuong
2. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Van 
3. Ms. Mai Hoang Yen 
Voting results about the contents of the statements submitted at the General Meeting
At the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Hoang Quan Corporation in 2014, 100% shareholders approved the contents of the statements in which some of the most important contents were approved such as: business results of 2014, plan for revenue, profit in 2015, the plan for increasing the charter capital in 2015 and the statement Chairman of the BOD cum General Director of Hoang Quan Corporation in which 99.99% of the Shareholders agreed to elect Dr. Truong Anh Tuan to continue holding the position of Chairman of the BOD cum General Director of the Corporation.

Some images at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2015:

Shareholders were receiving the gifts and receiving the ballots for General Meeting of Shareholders 2015

Chairing Table, the Annual General Meeting of HQC was started at 8:45 on 28- 03 - 2015

Chairman Truong Anh Tuan was reporting the business and production results at the General Meeting 

The view of Annual General Meeting in 2015

Mr. Le Nhi Nang – Director – Head of State Security Commission in Ho Chi Minh city was delivering the speech at the General Meeting.

Dr. Truong Anh Tuan and Board of General Directors were voting at the General Meeting

Shareholder was giving question at the General Meeting 

Chairman Truong Anh Tuan was answering to the questions from the Shareholders at the General Meeting 

Sharholders were voting for the important contents at the General Meeting

General Meeting of Hoang Quan Corporation was held with the participation of more than 500 shareholders, partners and guests

The whole view of the General Meeting


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