(28/03/2015) - HQC – Morning 28/3/2015, at HQC Plaza Social Housing Project, Hoang Quan Corporation officially carried out the Topping out Ceremony for HQ3 Block. This was a special event because HQ3 Block was roofed on the day Annual General Meeting in 2015 of Hoang Quan Corporation was held
HQC Plaza was formerly a commercial housing project which is changed into the social housing project and has attracted much concern from the people in the region because this is the first social housing project in Ho Chi Minh City that the investor and the customers all receive the benefits from VND30,000 billion package according to Decree No. 02/NQ-CP by the Government. 

Officially commenced on 17/11/2013, and only after 2 months, on 17/01/2014, HQC Plaza exceeded the progress and completed the foundation work for HQ1 and HQ2. With the determination of ensuring the progress commitment, keep the trust of the customers to the investor, only after 1 year of construction, on 06/12/2014 HQC Plaza was officially roofed for HQ1 Block and HQ2 Block. 

After the success of HQ1 Block and HQ2 Block, this morning, on 28/03/2015, HQ3 Block was also officially roofed. This success was thanks to the efforts of all staffs and workers of Hoang Quan Corporation, especially the workers and engineers who were working very hard at the site to ensure the progress commitment to handover the apartments in Quarter 3/2015. With the current construction progress, it is planned that HQ4 Block will be also roofed in this April.

Up to now, HQC Plaza sold 1,350 apartments over the total of 1,735 apartments in which 970 customers were disbursed or approved for disbursement by the bank with the total amount of VND95 billion. BIDV also disbursed for Hoang Quan the amount of VND378.4 billion per the total of VND540 billion as committed. Therefore, HQC Plaza was disbursed with the total amount of VND473.4 billion.

Not only leading in Ho Chi Minh City in the construction, disbursement and apartment selling progress, HQC Plaza is also well-known for the cooperation with the world leading groups in Vietnam such as LG, Hyundai, Viglacera to provide the services, equipments, facilities for the project to serve at the maximum demands of the residents at the project.

In addition, with the spirit of being accompany and expressing the responsibility to the residents of HQC Plaza, Hoang Quan Corporation has established HQC Plaza Scholarship Fund with the total amount of up to billions dongs to grant the scholarships to all children of the residents who are living at HQC Plaza with good study achievements.

It can be seen that HQC Plaza is an typical example in being pioneering to construct and develop the social houses according to Decree No. 02/NQ-CP, Decree No. 188/2013/NĐ-CP by the Government. The success of HQC Plaza proves for the correct direction of the social housing policy of the State and contributes to meet timely the increasingly-high demand for social houses of the people and make the policy on social houses more practical in the implementation of the national housing strategy of the Government.

Some images at the HQ3 Roofing Ceremony at HQC Plaza Project:

Staff were carrying of the final check to prepare for the successful Roofing Ceremony 

Staff were carrying out the rituals for roofing HQ3 Block under HQC Plaza Social Housing Project
to mark the success of the project and commit to handover the apartments timely

Image at the HQ3 Block Roofing Ceremony 

Construction  staffs  was pouring concrete to officially roof HQ3 Block under HQC Plaza Social Housing Project 

Staffs were taking photograph after the Ceremony 

Workers came back to work to ensure the construction progress 

The view of the rooftop of HQ3 Block

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