Saturday 23-01-2021
HQC 2860 -70 (-2.39%)
Open Price 2980
Highest 3060
Trading volume 20,051,300
Total value 59,392,000,000
Buy redundancy 469,700



From the early days of establishment and during expanding the network of subsidiaries, associates, policy of keep expansion in the field of financial investment and develop a strong financial foundation is the strategic direction of the Hoang Quan Group. Financial  investment  activities  of  the  Group  is  based  on  the efficiency  principle,  which  requires  to  maximize  the  use  of funds  but  its  normal  business  activities  and  high  efficiency must be maintained.

With that principle, the Group has founded a membership system which links to form a closed chain from legal, design, construction, price valuation to distribution, brokerage in order to improve the return from real estate investments, and reduce cost while ensuring product quality.

In  addition,  capital  mobilization  sources  were  also  been strengthened  through  the  accumulation  resources  from businesses  and  shareholders  such  as  profit,  raise  regulatory capital, issue share... and access to domestic and international capital  markets  by  joining  the  HoSE  stock  exchange  with its  HQC  code.  Hoang  Quan  is  especially  focused  on  M&A activities  of  potential  companies  and  projects  and  promote its  cooperation  with  domestic  and  international   financial institutions,  investment  funds   to  take  advantage  of  these external  forces  by  the  general  development  direction  of  the Group and earn profits for businesses, shareholders, investors and customers.