Saturday 23-01-2021
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Highest 3060
Trading volume 20,051,300
Total value 59,392,000,000
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With objectives to become the professional house development construction company, the company is wishing to make the contribution on constructing and developing new urban areas, from the living environment to advanced construction structures, modern and luxurious interior and exterior decoration and especially in new sectors where Hoang Quan is investing in constructing infrastructure for industrial parks to form, support and promote the development of the economy in general and improve the living standards of the people in particular.

The company has owned the design, construction specialists with high qualifications and experience in planning, measurement, backfilling, design, construction, interior decoration etc. with much experience in participating in procurement and implementation of repair projects, construction of civil and industrial projects. In addition, the company also has the professional design consultants who are doctor, master, architect, construction engineer, lawyer etc. with much enthusiasm for the Vietnam Architecture to offer a new-modern style for the architecture with traditional value.

Together with the Real Estate Association, company has actively participated in housing programs for the people and studied the policies relating to real estate law and construction law.

Being the first company in Ho Chi Minh City which cooperates with Institute of Construction Science of Ministry of Construction to study the earthquake resistance method for high-rise buildings.

 Professional sectors: 

·                     Measurement and design of cadastral drawings

·                     Backfilling

·                     Construction of public traffic works

·                     Planning, design and construction of infrastructure for residential and industrial parks

·                     Design consulting, construction of civil and industrial works and high-ranking entertainment works

·                     Design consulting, investment, technical and construction supervision

·                     Design consulting, high-ranking interior decoration

·                     Preparation of investment project, planning, construction of residential areas

·                     Supply of construction materials.

The professional staffs who are architects and engineers of high education such as doctor, master, bachelors  create a potential construction personnel to offer the best services to clients and become one of the most prestigious construction company recently.

 Some undertaken projects: 

·                     Ung Thanh Residential Area

·                     Phu Thuan Villa Project, District 7

·                     Civil Houses of different types

·                     Binh Dien Residential Area

·                     South Can Tho River Residential Area

·                     An Phu Residential Area, Can Tho

·                     Binh Minh Accommodation for specialist and workers, Vinh Long province

·                     Binh Minh Industrial Park, Vinh Long

·                     Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park, Binh Thuan